Re: Hardcard 40 in a 5160/XT

Rick wrote:

allybally wrote:


I currently have a 10MB plus hardcard in my 5160.

I have recently bought a 40MB hardcard from Ebay. Is there any reason
that this card would not work with my XT or have I just bought a

Could be "stiction" - all these cards had problems with the spindle
bearings seizing up.

Or if it's an IDE model it could be using an IRQ that the 5160 can't
recognize as a hard drive. The PC and XT use IRQ 5 for hard drives -
normal IRQ for MFM hard cards. I believe the 40MB IDE hard cards use a
different IRQ. Check the IRQ jumpers.

Or it could be an AT only model.

See the "hard disks" section of this FAQ:

for a model # list of XT IDE type hard cards.

If it's an ISA card instead of 8-bit then it's AT-only.

I have a miscellaneous 8-bit IDE controller card. It works
with drives smaller than 32mb and fails with larger ones.
I have the sneaking hunch that there's a 16-bit signed
number being used in there.

-- Marten Kemp
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