Re: Reset QSECOFR service tools password

il 02.05.2012 16:06, Scrive Falco 215047532:
Is there a way to reset the QSECOFR service tools user password in
V6.1 Here is what I have tried.
Signed on to the console with QSECOFR
STRSST, press F9 to Chagne the password and it tells me:
"Service tools user ID password cannot be changed."
Cause . . . . . : Your system is configured to prevent a service
tools user
ID with a default and expired password from changing its own

Is there any other way of doing this?

Thank You
This has to do with service-user permissions. To change a password that expired, you must have that permission. Unfortunately, to change user permissions you have to operate with a service-user that have the permission to change permissions. If QSECOFR is the only "upper-class" service-user, and you have no mean to access SST with this kind of user, you must go to DST, inside dst you'll be able to change an expired password. DST is accessible in 2 ways: through a manual IPL, or selecting 21 from the control panel. Function 21 will force DST to the console device. You can access dst with function 21 during normal operations without interrupting actve jobs, unless you'll do somthing wrong from dst menus (e.g. perform an ipl).

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