Re: SNDDST - Send Mail with Attachment

Carsten Tierock wrote:
We want to send a document from QDLS with SNDDST-Command from iSeries (V5R3) to different receivers.
The domino server (v 7) is on the same iSeries, the configuration seems to be OK, the mails arrives at their destination.
But one receiver says that the attachment data come without a filename what's a problem for him. this receiver doesn't use a standard mailprogram like notes, thunderbird or outlook. he has a special development for his business.

may i influence the filename from the attached file when we send with SNDDST?

any other ideas?


I would say find a better email client than SNDDST. It's quite poor and unreliable. I quite using it years ago after pulling all my hair out, and wrote my own client that I sell at

Two options with it.. the first is using the standard MAILTOOL product and having mail delivered with the IBM SMTP server.

Because I also didn't care for the IBM SMTP server and MSF I also have the MAILTOOL Plus option built into MAILTOOL which bypasses the IBM SMTP server.