Re: is there a way in rpgle to move data to a field who's name is the value of another field?

Could overlay the names of the fields over a Date Array

The below syntax is incorrect but you get the idea.

D Date DS dim(50)
D AK overlay(Date)
D AL overlay(Date:9)
D AR overlay(Date:17)
D CA overlay(Date:25)
D DE overlay(Date:33)

C eval x = 1
C mastat lookup state_value x
C eval date(x) = mdate

compile time arrary

On 28 May 2004 16:36:54 -0700, mol@xxxxxxx (MollyZ) wrote:

I have one file(AGTMSTR) that lists agents,[AGTNO] the fields are the
state they are licensed in, [MSTAT] the date[MDATE] they were
licensed. I need to populate a file (WEBAGT) that has the fields
[AGTNO], [CT], [NY], [FL], [DE], [DC]..... the fields with state names
are supposed to have the date they were licensed in. Rather than
write a 50 line select statement


I would like to say MOVE MDATE fld(MSTAT) or something.

hope I explained myself well enough

any ideas??



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