Re: iSeries access for windows

If you are running an iSeries (or an AS/400 that is not to be considered
ancient) then you are also running IFS. It's not optional. The name used
here, iSeries Access, suggests you are at least at V5R1, so it's there,
and it's at the service level installed by the PTF level of the licensed

I suggest you try installing from the IFS, as it seems your CD may be
damaged. Additional benefit is that the installation can be upgraded
easily when you apply a new PTF package to the iSeries box.
Best regards,

René H. Hartman

<bgehr23@xxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
I am installing from the CD on the xSeries server. I am not running
IFS. The error message is "XCOPYFILE -2: An unexpected error has
occurred while copying file from compressed file." I am trying to
install it on this server to give terminal server clients access to