Re: Is AS/400 an outdated technology?

Oh, I wouldn't say the AS/400 is going away anytime soon -- no matter
what they change the name to. Consider: Every Wal-Mart has an AS400
server, as do most casinos, and a great and large number of small to
medium sized companies. It's just hard to get a job working on them
because all the "good jobs" are taken by people who don't plan to give
them up any time soon.

If all you are concerned about is where to go to make good money, I'd
say go into programming if you have the aptitude for it.

Good luck.

davesNotHere wrote:
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pradeeptiwari2005@xxxxxxxxx says...
Can any one tell me, what is the scope of AS/400 technology. I am an
engineering student and looking for a short term course, would AS/400
be a gud option or shall i join for .net training?
Because someone told me that mainframe and AS/400 are obsolete
technologies or will no longer exist.

The iSeries just what IBM renamed the AS/400. They're the exact same
thing. In fact, now they call it the i5.

As job security goes, the '400 is (unfortunately) diminishing. Its
techinical capabilities are almost unparalleled, but IBM's historically
lame marketing has given the general public that the machine is "old
technology". (Nothing could be further from the truth, but that's just
what most people think.)

So, which should you focus on? Having been an AS/400 programmer for 14
years, I have to say I'd focus on .NET for the client-side and SQL
Server for the back-end. It's not the best solution, but it's the one
most people are going to want.