Re: TI-89 Titanium Cellsheet and Importing Excel Files

"Howie81" <howboard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I just bought a TI-89 Titanium, mainly because it was advertised it came
> with the Cellsheet program which claimed you could import files in from MS
> Excel off of a PC. So naturally I assumed this meant you could import them
> in with all formulas as well. Sadly this doesnt seem to be the case. I
> have imported excel files and the "minverse" function from excel doesnt
> seem to me recognized. This function inverts an array (matrix) of numbers
> in excel. I have to write a lot of programs with matrices and excel makes
> it extremely easy. I am very dissapointed so far with this TI-89, and as
> of yet cannot see why anyone would not just use an HP. Any thoughts or
> suggestions? Thanks

Use the TI's built-in matrix inverse command, ^-1.

Tom Lake