Re: MPE FTP transfer into HFS namespace

you're several versions back.

*ADVISEMENT* -- autopat is NOT the preferred patching tool. however in this
particular case a 'design feature' in patch/ix makes updating ftp a bloody
pain. normally, you DO want to use patch/ix! start at the beginning...

connecting to the itrc and doing a 7.5 patch search for ftp, you'll see that
mpeix:c.75.00,}&BC=main|search| the current release of ftp.

(a quick read of the fixes indicates that (oh!) there is a repair for
connecting with linux systems (well how about that))

the next thing to do is get a copy of the patch installation guide:

- make sure you get an up-to-date copy of unpackp. if you haven't patched
in a while (years) -- it's very worthwile.
- for ftp you'll be using autopat, not patch/ix. HOWEVER, it's still a
*good idea* to make sure patch/ix is up-to-date too.

you can get patch/ix here:


as alfredo says -- read your directions like a love letter (eg, carefully,
thoroughly and repeatedly). patching on mpe is relatively easy but if
you're unfamiliar with the process the installation guide is invaluable.

(did I mention it's a really good idea to have local *copies* (plural) of
these instructions?)


so jumping forward in time a bit....

you've made a quick backup of (ftp is NOT in use, right??)

....and unpackp, patch/ix and your bright shiny ftp patch are all on your


you need to unpackage your patch according to the patching tool you're going
to use. since you're going to use autopat. use the following command:


upon completion, UNPACKP will place all component patch files in the proper
group and account. AUTOPAT places files in the PATCHXL.TELESUP group and
account. (do a listfile for warm fuzzies)

since being logged on into the INSTALL group is unusual, it's a good idea to
do a normal manager.sys log on now.

start the patch installation process by entering the following:


AUTOPAT builds a workgroup, PATCHXL.SYS, and does most of its work from
there. there's an outside chance that the group PATCHXL.SYS already exists
and autopat will be quite unhappy about that. being the mild-mannered
script (did I mention autopat was a script?) that it is, it polite tells you
exactly what to do -- PURGEGROUP PATCHXL.SYS (copy-n-paste is wonderful ;-).

You will prompted to enter your name and the passwords for MANAGER.SYS. The
system will turn the terminal's echo off, so the passwords will not appear
as you type them in. You will be prompted as follows:

(AUTOPAT) (your reply)
--------- ------------
Your name: <<your name>>
Account password for MANAGER.SYS: <<password or return if none>>
User password for MANAGER.SYS: <<password or return if none>>

Repeat passwords for confirmation;

Account password for MANAGER.SYS: <<password or return if none>>
User password for MANAGER.SYS: <<password or return if none>>

next AUTOPAT will prompt you to enter the patch ID(s) for the patch(es) you
will install. for 7.5, the (latest) patch id is: FTPHDJ5A. since autopat
can apply several patches at once it will prompt for another patch id. use
// to terminate the prompting loop.

autopat will construct a patch installation job then it will then prompt you
to "STREAM PATINSTL.PATCHXL"....which you do...and let the job run.

since this is ftp that you're patching all that needs to be done is to
stream this job. there will be no tape to create, no cslt creation and no
update from (cslt) tape. clean and simple.

now when you run -- you should see an update version number.
- d

Donna Hofmeister
Allegro Consultants, Inc.

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I don't think anyone asked....what version of ftp are you (james)
the standard answer is always update to the latest version. ftp is
easy to update. use tape or reboot needed.

Version info:

File Transfer Protocol [A0012E07] (C) Hewlett-Packard Co. 2002 [PASSIVE

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I regret the delay in replying to
of them, but as I am a digest subscriber I did not see all of them
this morning.

There are a few points about my situation.

1. We are not on HP support and have not been since shortly after the
announcement of the HP3000 end of life.

2. The current OS on the system is:
RELEASE: C.75.00 MPE/iX HP31900 C.45.05 USER VERSION: C.75.00

3. It has probably been 8 years since I last used autopat, or autopatch
whatever it was called, and my recollections of it do not extend beyond
the "Oh yeah... I recall something like that" level of detail.

I googled for info on this utility/script and I searched my system but
came up empty on any meaningful references.

So, what I now need are detailed answers to two questions:

1. May I update my HP3000 ftp client without having to contract for
services from HP?

2. If so, then exactly what steps do I follow? A recipe is what I


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