Re: Accessing DB2 with Java?

Seems to me that you might want to sniff the connection to see what's
actually transpiring. If you've got a working connection between a PC and
the mainframe, so much the better. You can see it work and then you can see
it fail. If you compare the two traces, that should give you some
specifics for further problem determination.

I like to use Ethereal as my sniffer software. It's available as a free



On 8/10/06, Jeff Stothart <jeff.stothart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all -

We have a need to access a DB2 database from the hp3000. We thought we
could accomplish this with Java, but we have not been successful.

We are on MPE/iX version 7.0. We downloaded and installed the Java SDK
1.3 from Jazz. We believe that the Java environment is set up correctly
on the hp3000 because we're able to compile and run other (albeit
simpler) Java programs. We're using the type 4 JDBC DB2 drivers that we
got from IBM. When we run the program on the hp3000 it looks like we
connect to the JDBC listener on the IBM, but then the listener rejects
the connection because it says the arguments that we're giving it are
invalid. We're passing the target DB name, user id, and password.
Our speculation is that the listener, for some reason, is not receiving
the arguments in the format that it expects. We are not in control of
opening the socket or communicating with the listener. All of the
tcp/ip communications are done by the driver, so we're not exactly sure
how it's doing it.

There is security on the IBM side (lots of it), but we've worked with
our internal IBM contact and we don't believe this issue is security

The interesting thing is that we can move the program that we compiled
on the hp3000 to either a Windows or HP-UX system and it works.

We know there are 3rd party solutions available but our client would
rather look at other solutions before going down the 3rd party path. We
also think we can accomplish this with Perl and XML Remote Procedure
Calls (using Frontier::RPC, XML::Parser, expat XML parser). We have
tested this method with a simple program using a Windows system as the
target, and it works. Downsides to this method are we'd have to write a
listener/DB2 caller (probably Perl) that would run on the IBM. Since
that would be a special, nonstandard background process, we're more at
risk that if it would have problems, they might not be addressed as
quickly as problems with the JDBC job. So we'd really like to get this
working with Java. question! Has anyone done this before or does anyone
have any ideas on what we can try to get this to work?

Thanks! Jeff

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