Re: Curiosity question.

Larry Mauriello wrote:
Thanks for replying. I did try that, and boy didi it mess up my system.
HP (per usual) wasn't able to explain it. Sure *data* may have been left in place,
but the progs. that had been added were messed up.
PC Had to be restored to factory settings. I had to restore from my b/u.
At least I had made one.

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Larry Mauriello wrote:

I recwntly baought an HP A1030E pc. I have created the restore discs as recommended. My question is what if sat XP gets corrupted or another program that was installed on the pc. How do you restore just XP? Or do you have to restore the entire pc to factory defaults?
I really hate they don't give you any discs. Everything in mirrored on a D: drive.

The newer HP restore disks will give you the option of either just restoring the system files (leaving data files intact) or performing a full format and restore.

Glad to hear you had a backup. I probably should have clarified my answer a bit better. The "non-destructive" restore that HP has will, in fact, leave data files in place. BUT, in most cases, you will have to reinstall applications to correct Registry entries applying to the applications that you have installed after purchase. I work with HP restores all the time and sometimes it works out that applications work just fine. Other times I have come up with the problem that you experienced.