Re: HP Pavilion a712n - It will not POST (No video, No beeps, Solid HDD Led, k/b not responding)

Yes. IIRC, your system has a Socket 478 Celeron, well-suited for a great many
older Socket 478 boards... Ben Myers

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According to the HP web site, the motherboard is the MS-6577 v4 (Gamila 2), made
by MicroStar (UGH!).

The board has a very much standard mATX form factor, except it does have both
internal and external Firewire connectors.   If your client does not use
Firewire, you would want to get a board with an Intel 845GV chipset and built-in
Intel Extreme Graphics, to make it 1000% easier for Windows XP to boot up and
run.   Audio is Realtek ALC658 and Ethernet is a Realtek chip also.  If you
change the chipset, Windows will complain bitterly and probably not boot at all,
even in safe mode.  You may still have to re-authenticate (or whatever that
stupid word is) Windows via the Microsoft web site.   Use Keyfinder to change
the product key first, to match the sticker on the side of the computer.

You should be able to find a good quality 845GV chipset board for maybe $50 max
on eBay or from one of the many sellers of older motherboards... Ben Myers

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Yep, sounds like the motherboard is hosed... Ben Myers

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Hi guys/gals:
  I am a comp. tech here in NY and I have a customers PC with a
rather strange issue.

Issue: PC is not booting. It will not even POST. Monitor is blank/in
stand-by. Hard Drives and Fans are all working. Hard Drive light is

The PC is a Pavilion a712n Desktop-PC. Pentium 4, IDE drives, 512mb
ddr memory, 1 cdr 1 cd drive, only 1 PCI slot occupied with a modem.
Here are some of the PC's symtoms when first turned on:
- No Video (Monitor will not even switch off standby/light is yellow)
- No POST Beeps at all.
- All keyboard lights (num/caps/scroll) initially flash when powered
on but thereafter no keys respond, not even caps or num.
- Solid Hard Drive Light (No blinking at all, it's solid. The drive
does spin up and go through it's initital startup/self-test? process
(short series of clicking).
- Green LED on Power Supply blinks once on startup (Apparently normal
because I tested the PC with 2 other good PSUs.
Here are some procedures I tried, all of which resulted in no change.
No Beeps, POST. No Video. K/B Not Responding. (these may not be in

   - Tried other monitors.
   - Tried Adding a basic PCI video card and connecting the monitor
through there.
   - Tried 2 other power supplies I had. 1 was HP, one was from a
dell (but compatible)

[Hard Drive/Other Drive]
   - Tried booting without the hard drive or any IDE devices.

   - Checked and Reseated all cables for m/b, IDE drives, front
   - Reseated PCI card (modem), I tried without the card as well.
   - Stripped down the PC to the least components required to boot.
   - Tried it without memory, Tried it with new memory.
   - Tried replacing the cpu with the same exact CPU from my stock
   - Ensured heat sink was properly connected and used new thermal
   - Cleaned/Dusted off entire motherboard and PSU (of course with
power and clk. batt removed)
   - Tried removing the motherboard from the case and running it on
non-conducting surface (no shorting)
   - No Visible Motherboard/IC Problems (Carefully inspected
motherboard under worklight/magnifier to look for blown/leaking caps
or solder bridges between pins.)

I have come to the conclusion that the motherboard is blown but I
would like your help/confirmation before I have the customer spend
$200+ for a new HP board.

I would greatly appreciate help from anyone with experiance on these
systems. Also, if indeed it's the motherboard does anyone know of a
replacement board non-oem that will fit in the HP case.

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Thanks Ben -- I appreciate it. I would hate to have a customer spend
$200 for a new OEM/HP motherboard if I am wrong. Would anyone know if
there is a non-hp board that will fit in this hp case?
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Hi Ben
Quick question, I found a similar board but it says for "Willamette
and Northwood, 1.4 to 2.8 GHz and higher", would that be compatible
with this computers (pavilion a712n) p4 processor?