Outlook Express, missing "charset=". (was: HP compaq nx6110 keypad problem)

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Bob Headrick <bobh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "Jurgen Bauer" <jbauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dgnbml$im3$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have to write German letter frequently. Does anybody know how I
> > can write the German "Umlaute" on the notebook?
> >
> > On my PC I use for example ALT+129
> On my Omnibook I can use the Fn and alt keys together with the
> embedded numeric keypad - ü is Fn+Alt+j+k+9.

[This is a recording:]

Dear Outlook Express user,

Your posting uses local language characters like u+umlaut, but
it does not contain the required MIME headers which specify the correct
character set (probably ISO-8859/1). You can fix this as follows:

Tools -> Options... -> Send -> News Sending Format -> Plain Text
Settings... You probably have "Message format" set to "Uuencode" (which
is some stupid OE default). If so, set it to "MIME", set "Encode text
using:" to "None" and do *not* set (i.e. no tic-mark) "Allow 8-bit
characters in headers".

You may want to set the "Mail Sending Format" the same.

If you reply after fixing this, then please add some local language
characters, so that I/we can see/check if everything is OK.

Best regards,

Frank Slootweg

[End of recording. 21SEP2005.]