Re: User Port and Arduino

On Aug 17, 12:51 am, Jim Brain <br...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 8/10/2010 1:46 AM, JC wrote:> Has anyone had experience interfacing anArduinoboard with a
Commodore via the user port?  I've created a cable linking user port
pins C through L to theArduino'spins 2 through 9, and linked up each
side's ground pins. The Commie's data direction register is configured
for input, and theArduino'spins are set as outputs. A simple BASIC
program is running dumping the byte on the user port to the screen.
I've confirmed that this program and the cable work by manually
coupling data pins to ground and observing the changes on screen.

The problem: writing highs and lows to the user port from theArduino
doesn't register.

Have I wired this puppy up incorrectly?

It sounds like the wiring is correct, do you have any way of checking
theArduinooutputs to ensure they are going HI and LO?


I wired up a few LEDs and discovered the outputs weren't responding at
all. I combed through the code and couldn't find the problem, so I
started from scratch. Now it's working. My head was wrapped around
the hardware aspect so much that I must have made an coding error