Re: Google "owns" the Usenet

"Rick Youngman" wrote ...

First, Google does not own Usenet, although I suspect they would like to.

Secondly, Google is not to blame for the implementation of the "X no archive"

I suspect the no archive feature was added shortly before, or at the time,
that NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) was created in 1986.

I remember about 1987 or 1988 a local BBS sysop found some threads he was
interested in that were marked no archive. He posted the entire thread(s) on
his BBS and said, "Let's see those turkeys get their posts deleted from

That BBS is gone now, but the messages survived into the late 1990's. They
had been written by medical researchers and went into detail about how and
why the AIDS epidemic had been started by WHO (World Health Organization).

AIDS was started by accident. The WHO developed a new (and inexpensive [read
cheap]) small pox vaccine which was distributed to and used only in some of
the poorest of third world countries. After years in the systems of the
people who received the vaccine, it mutated into HIV which mutates into AIDS.
By the time WHO realized what had happened, it was too late to stop it.
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Sam Gillett

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