The "Average" Commodore user

I think it is safe to say that the "Average" Commodore user still
prefers the Commodore 64 over any other model. I myself use a Commodore
128-D, but not everyone has access to such robust CBM equipment. As it
was, I paid $200 in 1992 to get a Commodore 128-D. It has served me
well and works flawlessly to this day.

So what defines the "Average" CBM user? I saw a CBM setup with a C64,
1541 disk drive, Fast Load or other speedup cartridge, several disks, a
modem and joysticks/joypads. Some CBM users might also still use
printers, or other devices which allow them to connect a Commodore
computer to a modern day laser or ink jet printer.

Just my '02. I think a discussion on this would prove interesting in a
lot of ways. I can't remember a discussion on comp.sys.cbm about the
"Average" CBM setup in a long time.

Should be fun.