Re: CT60 / CTPCI / Radeon

On Tue, 06 Sep 2005 18:04:29 -0400, Mark D wrote:

> This is a hugely different animal! NVidia releases binary drivers for x86
> and x86_64! Guess what you use if you're on PPC mac? Unaccelerated FB
> drivers! That's not good at all. There's actually marginal open source
> ATI drivers out there. For our platform, ATI is the choice.

Okay, thats why I asked, to get some input/debate on the subject. I am now
"educated". <grin>

Nvidia also has a non-proprietary driver used with Mandriva out of the
box so its GPL legal. The catch? No solid 3D acceleration (some, but not
enough for top end games 'n stuff). You probably already knew that though.

>>> I still say that the Voodoo cards would be the best choice considering
>>> the amount of documentation available, but what Didier does is his
>>> choice.
>> The Voodoo 3000? I've still got one of those. It was the first video card
>> I ever used with Linux, mostly because of its great support, out of the
>> box, at the time.
> Those cards are ancient. Asking my voodoo 3 to do 1680x1050 which I need
> for my LCD would not go well. If we're going to do it, we should do it
> right. Even if ATI cards have less support, they have the support we need
> to get things up and running. They're VERY fast too. The eclipse makes a
> stock falcon twice as fast. Just ask Carey. 128kbit mp3 on a falcon uses
> over 100% cpu time at times. Accelerate BUS and CPU, add an eclipse card,
> and it uses somewhere around 30-40% (with DSP). It's important to let the
> devs choose what they're most comfortable with, and I'd say ATI is it. We
> want to get a product sometime this century.
> Thanks,
> Mark

They are ancient - I guess it was mentioned because there are such good
docs 'n stuff.

But...I agree with what you are saying Mark. Since we don't have unlimited
funding/numbers of developers, then its probably best to go with the
highest performance card that actually has a decent chance of being coded
for TOS/MINT.(and of course, as has been mentioned, whatever the actual
person doing the work is comfortable with).

Thanks for the input! :-)

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