Re: VBXE - "Video Board XE"

On Dec 22, 1:45 am, Thorsten Günther <guent...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
ricortes schrieb:

Looks like it is slaved to several things Atari and 6502. Saw where
one person said the picture he was displaying was 152k. I can forget
that a stock disk drive will not be able to store that much data

There was an invention made some years ago that was called the "hard
disk drive" and stores much more data - several modern computers are
equipped with one. On the A8, MyDOS can handle 16MB partitions and
SpartaDOS can handle 32MB partitions. As this is not much by todays
standards, usually the hard disk drive is replaced by a SD card or USB
stick in a SIO2SD or SIO2USB interface.

If you are trying to be a patronizing jerk I have to say you are doing
a good job of it.

There is also the first
load of data problem, 152k at ~19kBAUD sio speed

SIO is not restricted to 19000 bps, it is around 4 times as fast on a
stock A8 (as you can experience with a Speedy, Turbo or Happy equipped
drive) and up to 126000 bps with a modified OS. Additionally, PBI hard
disk interfaces were available (e.g. the MIO) and there are currently
projects to make them available again.


Since you are so know so much more then me about computers and the
Atari, how about telling me who came up with the 1489 version of the
sio2pc interface and the original Ape Pro cable?

Just and aside, after about twenty years I am really starting to grow
tired of some of the crap you get on the internet. I mean twenty years
ago you got sophmoric crap but it was usually from someone who was
intelligent and sociable enough to at least attend college so as to
have a certain level of knowledge and access to the college news feed.
My point being you could have a difference of opinions and still have
an intelligent argument.

Take Thorsten as an example. Right in my post I start off with

that a stock disk drive will not be able to store that much data

This would indicate that I am aware there are both stock and modified
storage devices otherwise I would would not have specifically put the
qualifier 'stock' in my statement.

Now dear Thorsten, from there you seem to draw several false
conclusions, proceed to set up a straw man argument, and into hominem
insults. Specifically anyone reading my post in context can tell I am
trying to convey the fact the modification will not be of great
benefit to people with unmodified systems. You then proceed to lecture
me about modified systems. The point of modifications being available
is not in contention or made in my post. Quite the opposite, I would
expect someone without knowledge may follow up my post with a question
like "what non stock storage options are available?"

The point I *do* infer and what is perhaps in question is the relative
number of people with modified systems. I don't have all the numbers
for the number people with modified OS, storage, and technical ability
to handle such modifications but experience tells me they are in the
minority. I have seen sales estimates of Atari computers from several
sources, estimates of the number of people who actually program on the
Atari, sales of OSS programming languages, and sales of sio2pc

There is a sliding level of participation where ~95% of the people who
have ever owned an Atari have neither learned to program or modified
it. It makes me skeptical that this modification will benefit the
Atari community at large. The numbers are all wrong. In general your
position seems to assume that an otherwise normal person can be
convinced to pass pictures from their ~1024x768 32 bit color display
Intel box to view in glorious 256 color mode. I can hear my S.O.
asking "Why would anyone do that?" and she couldn't see normal with a
pair of binoculars from where she lives.<sic>