Re: Risc Os Now?

Martin Wuerthner wrote:
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The problem is that the interface between applications and the RISC OS printing system is RGB only, so applications simply have no way of sending any CMYK or overprinting information to the printer driver. When printing, applications have to convert everything to RGB and ignore overprinting, so the process of transferring the data from the application to the printer driver loses information that cannot possibly be recovered later.

I'm commenting here as someone who has never ever developed
a RISC OS app that prints anything, so excuse my total ignorance...

There are not many applications on RISC OS which deal with
CMYK in any meaningful way. Wouldn't it be possible to introduce
an app-specific "CMYK-RGB-conversion-reverser" into the printing
system? This would "only" require knowledge of the app's CMYK-to-RGB
conversion to retrieve the original CMYK values and use those inside
a yet-to-be-developed PostScript printer driver. It also more-or-less
depends on whether two CMYK colours in a printed document will never
be converted to the same RGB colour.

Of course it would be a hack, but can we really expect a "proper"
solution in the future? I somehow doubt that - apart from ArtWorks -
there would be any app developer left using a new extended CMYK-aware
printing system.

Out of interest, how or CMYK sprites (intrudoced in Select 2 IIRC)
handled by the printing system?



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