Email recovery, from a backed up NewsDir

MPro for Linux ate my inbox for one user on my Iyonix. At least it isn't
an exceedingly important inbox but I am still not happy. MPro on my
Iyonix is v3.29 MPro on linux was connecting via IMAP, offline just to
download Inbox. This setup has worked fine using Apples and other RISC
OS machines as clients. It also worked fine last year with MPro on an
Apple. I will grump on the MPro for Mac/Win/Linux mailing list about
that one.

I have a back up of NewsDir which means I have only lost a few months of
mail (helpful comments about backing up not appreciated). My problem how
do I get the emails out of the backed up NewsDir and into the current
NewsDir. I've moved mail around recently for other users (eleven in
total), so if I just copy the backup then I won't have the recent emails
for the other users.

Is there an easier way than clicking on the backup NewsDir then dragging
out 1632 emails one by one by hand to a folder on the hard drive,
quitting MPro, clicking on the current NewsDir, opening MPro and
dragging and dropping emails into the Inbox?

I also ran DiskKnight immediately and have 4GB of recovered deleted
files. Is there anything I can do with those files? On opening them they
seem to be just jumbled up text.

Thanks in advance.


An Iyonix and a Beagleboard xM in Buskerud.