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There's no such thing as an SD card larger than 2 GiB. The SD
standard is incapable of addressing anything over 2 GiB. The
most common card similar to SD, but over 2 GiB, is SDHC. To
read and/or write an SDHC card, you /have/ to have a reader/
writer that is SDHC capable.

Rubbish. It is possible to buy non SDHC cards up to 4GB. I have one in
my Dell Axim X30 which is not SDHC compatible.
They are difficult to find.

Rubbish. I'm working from "SD Specifications Part 1 Physical Layer
Simplified Specification Version 2.00 September 25, 2006" published
by the Technical Committee of the SD Cards Association. Page 5 (16
of the PDF) states:

3.3 Card Capacity
In terms of capacity, two types of SD Memory Cards are defined:

* Standard Capacity SD Memory Cards supports [sic] capacity up
to and including 2 G bytes (2^31 bytes). All versions of the
Physical Specifications define the Standard Capacity SD Memory

* High Capacity SD Memory Cards supports [sic] capacity more
than 2 G bytes (2^31 bytes) and this version of specification
limits capacity up to and including 32 GB. High capacity SD
Memory Card is newly defined from the Physical Layer
Specification Version 2.00.


I think those words are from the horse's mouth, and quite clear,
don't you?