Re: New software release: Typer

On 22 Jan, Ron wrote in message

No, I fall for it regularly though, because it seems to be possible to
drag text in a lot of apps now. Does StrongED do this?


With !Zap you can use cntrl C to copy the highlighted text to the caret.
It doesnt work with firefox or netsurf, I think only between zap windows.

It might be an idea to RTFM, which in Zap is very well written.

Ctrl-C is immediate copy within Zap; Ctrl-V is immediate move within Zap
(ie. legacy "Edit-Style" operations).

Ctrl-X is delete and cut to the global clipboard. Ctrl-E is kEep: copy to
the global clipboard. Ctrl-Y is Yank: paste from the global clipboard.

Shift F3 displays the save selection (as a file) and that can be dragged
to the netsurf url bar.

Ctrl-E in Zap, then Ctrl-V in the NetSurf URL bar (as long as you've got
global clipboard support for writable icons: so RISC OS Select/Adjust or

Or, as Dave said, Alt-double-click.

All IIRC: it's been a long time since I seriously used a RISC OS text editor
of any flavour, and I moved from Zap to StrongED prior to that as well.

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