Re: Sluggish mouse responsivity...

Roger Darlington <rogerarm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2 Aug 2010, Chris Joseph wrote:
Roger Darlington <rogerarm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
3) continually moving the end of the (red) line around in draw:
6-14 mips; 8nulls/sec; total proc usage 5%

This is where your slowdown occurs, yes? It looks as though VRPC
doesn't think you're doing anything interesting and so isn't taking
much in the way of resources from the system. Why it should make that
The settings in the In View>Console Win7 window - the last line of
which reads:
scheduler: idle min1 max 1000000

seems to suggest that the Windows can vary the speed of RO over a 1
million to one range at its whim!
Could this be where the problem lies?

Almost certainly not; I would definitely agree with Martin that you're
looking for a problem in the VA settings, not the Windows ones. It
isn't a question of Windows starving VA; VA /isn't asking for cycles/.


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