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Hedley Hunnisett <hedleyh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Today decided to phone them again and after a great deal of cafuffle was
eventually told there was NO password registered for my e-mail address!
They agreed to register my chosen password, which I gave them.

But I still can't log in to my mailbox (using a browser as POPstar is
giving an error message as mentioned in another message).

To make sure you are editing the correct 'Choices' and 'Users' files for
POPstar, try this:

(a) Make sure POPstar is running, press CTRL-f12 and enter:

Filer_OpenDir Choices:POPstar

(b) Open the Users file in a text editor and scroll down to the end.

Now make sure you have a _single_ line of this form:

local_user TAB username@xxxxxxxxxxxx TAB password TAB

NB Use real tabs with no spaces either side.

POPstar will save downloaded mail into a file in the directory
called MailDir.spool.mail.text within POPstar. The filename will be
local_user or whatever else you have entered in the the above line
of the Users file.

Replace username@xxxxxxxxxxxx with the mailbox name.

password is the one for that mailbox. is the TalkTalk email server according to
their website - you could also use

Y means the email is deleted from the server after downloading
- change to N if you want to experiment with what happens to it
after downloading*.

If you now click Menu over POPstar's icon on the iconbar, then follow the
Fetch submenu, you should see the mailbox name you entered above.
Clicking on that should connect to the mail server and download mail (if
there is any).

* What happens after the mail has been downloaded depends on how your
other email related software has been set up, but that's another story.