Re: To Upgrade or Not. What's the difference?

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If a machine is more restricted (if it does less) by definition it is
less general purpose. That which is general purpose does more (I
really can't believe I am typing this drivel).

I thought everyone on this group would have understood the general
definition of what we refer to as computers. I haven't time to explain
so you'll have to Google.

In short all our computers are general purpose and all are utterly
incomplete unless we give ourselves infinite time in which to complete
any task.

This another one of the angels and heads of pins debates you tend to go off
on when you don't want to admit that what you wrote was wrong by reason of
being incomplete.

That is the first sentence should actually include the word "almost" just
after the "A9 is"

I think it all makes sense then. Of course if you had said you had omitted
a word you also have to admit that the A9 isn't complete with a fully
functional OS yet.
As an aside I'm surprised ROL released the general version of Select before
the finished version for the A9. I'd have thought the A9 made a better
showcase than the old beasties.


Steve Pampling