Re: Draw to DXF utility

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> I tried to load it into ProCAD+ and guess what - it did exactly the
> same as RiscCAD did !
> I have modified the RiscDXF program to cope with this file, and will be
> doing more work to improve the DXF input.

Good news.

> Modern DXF files present problems such as extra objects, embedded
> data, and the problem of matching objects in paper space to objects
> in model space, which is where RiscCAD and ProCAD+ fell down, the
> drawing border was being imported at a minute scale whereas the rest
> of the drawing was huge, and often off the paper.

Would it be possible to provide a simple DXF output as well from your
converter program - so more difficult files could be loaded into older
programs like Draw etc?

Colin Ferris Cornwall UK