Re: TechWriter version 8.40

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> Which is why I never upgraded past EasyWriter Pro+ 7.11. I paid a lot for
> it, just for its Word handling. It doesn't do it very well for a lot of
> documents I get, so if it doesn't work, I use Word on the PC to handle
> them.

I never cease to be astonished how many documents EW/TW will handle.
After all, Word has a proprietory file format which has never been
declared publicly (I presume, and it must be a real Pain trying to
outguess MS' latest moves to keep their files and programs to

> Paying out more money to get working something I expected in the
> first place isn't an option.

It depends on your point of view. You can either pay up-front a large
sum of money and expect all bugs to be fixed for free or you pay a less
large sum and then pay an annual or other fee for support. One way or
the other the programmers have to be given the wherewithal to buy their

By and large RISC OS programs come under the heading of less large
purchasing costs and I have no objection to paying modest sums for
continued support. Call them upgrades or just bug-fix version, it does
not matter.

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