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> John M Ward <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> > Steven Pampling <steve.pampling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Monitor the incidences of malware on your system before and
> > > after. Work colleagues have done this and discovered exactly
> > > the same effect I did - malware down to nil so far. (and
> > > that's after many months of use)
> >
> > ...that sounds good to me, and indeed better than I expected:
> > my guess was that Firefox would reduce malware infection, but
> > the underlying OS (much of which is apparently tied-in with the
> > browser's code) would still allow some bad stuff through.

> Firefox will stop mostly anything that attempts to get in using
> ActiveX, and will also stop a few other types that tend to get in
> using flaws in IE but it isn't foolproof.

That's what I had heard. Pity, really.

> I've even seen some folks pushing Opera as an alternative to both
> IE and Firefox for the given reason that it isn't as vulnerable
> to attack but, IMHO, it is better to assume that no browser is
> totally invulnerable to malware.

Sadly, that appears to be the only safe assumption.

> > I think I might have to find a way to disable it altogether, as
> > there are now very few sites that I might need to visit that
> > won't work with Firefox (the occasional school site, for
> > example).

> There are still quite a few government sites, especially
> centrally, that are IE only. I'm one of a handful of folk that
> uses Firefox at work, but I still have to revert to IE for a few
> things, if only because I have to be able to test sites where a
> user will need to get at it with IE.

It'll be interesting if, one day soon, the opposite effect starts to
occur: some sites work fine with Firefox but /not/ in IE...

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