Re: 3B2 Disks

On Jan 20, 8:12 pm, "DoN. Nichols" <dnich...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2009-01-19, Thad Floryan <t...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[...]> > Thus, there are still some 1.5 billion IPv4 addresses
available (less the 10.*.*.*, 172.[16-31].*.* and 192.168.*.*
and the link-local 169.254.*.* and loopback 127.*.*.*).

And my internal ones are in the 10.*.*.* region.

Hah, I did the same thing, too, unless it caused problems
with VPNs to clients. hotels and convention centers who also
used 10.& for their LANs.

So, I switched my LAN IP to 223.15.22.*. The "223" is my
favorite rifle caliber and the "15.22" is my street address
(actually just 1522). That worked fine for years until I
noticed allocations beginning to encroach, so I changed my
home office LANs to the 20-bit blocks 172.19.19.* and
172.20.20.* where they'll remain until the day I no longer
use computers.

Using the 172.* means I no longer have VPN conflict problems
with any 10.* or 192.168.* LAN networks.