Re: DNS v. 10 Preferred -- is all this trouble covert?

Well my system just crashed again. -- went to blue screen. The e-mail
I was working on, gone of course. I have to shut off my computer via
it's hard button to go off and back on.

What the heck, I'll go get the error messages (I wrote down
win32k.sys somewhere along the error)


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JD said:
Great new features do not improve basic functionality.

Me: yeah, tell me about it!

Maybe Internet Explorer is one of your problems.

I haven't tried Firefox yet. I think I tried it with DNS 9 and
something was... something I didn't like. But yes, I know I should try
This thing:
The other day I had to start my system over from a previous day (I
was working on a Word file and my screen suddenly went blue) and I
completely lost my Dragon and had to make a new user. Could not
import my voice files.
is what happened today.(Again)

Sounds like you have significant system configuration problems, or
you are using a pre-Windows XP operating system.

Nope, windows XP with the added service pack. It's been solid, afaik.

Every time I close out of Dragon, I get "VoiceBar Damon...
[something something]" and I click okay to let it close, but then
have to click End Now. That doesn't look good.

That's still happening.
That's a basic problem you need to resolve. You should work on one
problem at a time. That sounds like a good start.

Okay, trying Firefox. Yes, I use history and "links" everyday. Maybe
that's the same as bookmarks; I hope so, because my links are all
lined up at the top of my Internet Explorer screen.

Besides switching to Firefox, more important would be to find/hire a
highly skilled techie friend that can clean up your system. Sounds
like you have system problems.
I know one really smart guy. But he's so... annoying... I do remember
one time pricing folks, and actually getting on Craigslist and
shopping, but so MANY techie people don't know about voice
recognition, and a whole interaction, and what to clear, or what could
be wrong. (My crazy full of himself friend does not voice recognition
-- oh yes, I've thought of biting the bullet for a couple of hours. I
know he's expensive though)

I'm impressed by Dell's online support, but they are known for
cluttering up the users system with all sorts of unnecessary
software. If it were my computer, I would do a fresh uncluttered
install of Windows XP. And from time to time I would make a
known-good backup of my installation.

Yes, but every time I ask someone about taking off clutter, they say
you have to go down the list and look up each thing with its dot and 3
letters, and it's such a huge job!

I recall offering to help you personally. I think you are somewhat
-- I interrupt you --
misled? All these problems started when I, after I loaded DNS
preferred version 10

about the cause of your problems. NaturallySpeaking is a very
complicated program that interacts heavily with your system, but I'm
led to believe that they do it well (