Re: MEX on linux: Which compiler am I using?

Thanks. That worked. gcc -v shows that I have 4.2.4, but MEX works
with only 4.2.3 (according to this:
..When I went into Synaptic package manager (on Ubuntu) to uninstall
gcc 4.2.4, it selected 4.2.3 and other packages.

Am I to assume that 4.2.3=4.2.4?

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On Windows/Matlab when I issue "mex -setup", I get a list of compilers
available along with their version numbers.

On Linux/Matlab, when I issue "mex -setup", the only thing related to
compilers I see is asbelow:

The options files available for mex are:

  1: /usr/local/MATLAB/R2010a1/bin/ :
      Template Options file for building gcc MEX-files

  2: /usr/local/MATLAB/R2010a1/bin/ :
      Template Options file for building MEX-files via the system ANSI

I am using GCC. But how to know which version of GCC?


Just type gcc -v in a terminal
or in MATLAB , type:

!gcc -v

To determine the version of your compiler, see solution:
How can I determine the platform and compiler version that I am using?