out of memory

Dear All,
I'm working with Matlab 7.1 and SPM8 (statistical parametric mapping, for the elaboration of magnetic resonance imaging).
when I try to do one of the elaboration step, matlab give me the following error:

error using ==> cfg_message>issuemsg
job execution failed. the full log of this run can be found in MATLAB command window, starting with the lines ...

Running job #1
Running 'New Segment'
Failed 'New Segment'
Error using ==> zeros
Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.
In file "C:\spm8\toolbox\Seg\spm_preproc_write8.m" (v3172), function "rgrid" at line 435.
In file "C:\spm8\toolbox\Seg\spm_preproc_write8.m" (v3172), function "spm_preproc_write8" at line 241.
In file "C:\spm8\toolbox\Seg\spm_preproc_run.m" (v3168), function "run_job" at line 112.
In file "C:\spm8\toolbox\Seg\spm_preproc_run.m" (v3168), function "spm_preproc_run" at line 27.

The following modules did not run:
Failed: New Segment

this error occurs also in other computer, not only on mine.
Someone knows how this error means and what can I do to continue my work?

Hopefully to receiv help from you,