Re: Kill a matlab process while running

"Will Campbell" <will.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message <grvndr$73p$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>...
Hey Chris,
There's a Windows command taskill that you can make use of within MATLAB via
the ! operator. It has a filter function that can help you decide which
processes to terminate.


"Christophe " <watters.matlab@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This is a very interesting solution ; indeed, this way, matlab will not be
frozen by the frozen executable ;

I am running these processes in Windows.

The problem is that, even though the executable will be running in batch
mode, It will be impossible to run again the executable without killing
the frozen one. So I wonder : iis there a way that Matlab can kill the
frozen executable ? are there commands in Matlab to draw the list of
executables being ran by windows, and kill some of them ? This is easy in
Linux with the job and kill commands... but in Windows ?

I appreciate very much your help !



What do you mean by the ! operator? I've been trying to use dos('taskkill /f /fi "windowtitle eq my_window_title"');
If I copy the string into a cmd window, it works fine, but does not work when passed via matlab and the dos command.