(LC) Supported and Compatible Compilers on Linux

Why is g95 the only Matlab R2008b supported Fortran compiler on Linux? I would like to request that Matlab supports gfortran, which is a far superior Fortran compiler for various reasons.

- gfortran is better integrated with the GNU compiler collection (e.g., it supports all the options supported by gcc).
- gfortran is more easily available through various distros' package management (e.g., the standard repos of both Fedora and openSUSE include a gfortran but no g95 package).
- gfortran is far superior feature-wise (e.g., it is able to tune code for a huge variety or processors, it supports OpenMP as of gcc 4.2, etc.)
- performance of gfortran code is WAAAAY better than performance of code generated with g95 (see http://www.polyhedron.com/pb05-linux-f90bench_p40html)

And lastly, on http://www.mathworks.com/support/compilers/current_release/linux.html, Mathworks lists "GNU g95" as a supported compiler on Linux. I find that a bit of a misnomer, g95 hasn't been part of the GNU Compiler collection for years. gfortran, on the other hand, is part of the GNU project.