Re: Assign each Matlab instance to each CORE of a Dual Core Proc ?

I saw some previous discussion on the reporting of the usage of 2
logical CPUs at :

For them , this discussion on the observation that Dual Core 930's
Core 0 is being used to about 60 %, and Core 1 to about 40 %, may be
useful ?

[Peter has already answered on the Affinity setting for any
Application in the Task Mgr.]

Even though Thermal Failure problems of Intel's Dual Core processors
is not a direct topic for this forum, since it still relates to Dual
Core Procs, I will be interested to know if/how others, who for eg,
run multiple instances of prime95 continuously, have solved it for
100 % Continuous Duty, at an ambient of about 32 Deg C.


Sundar Krishnan

Sundar Krishnan wrote:

5th July, 2006 :
Pl consider the International Pgm on Mersenne Prime No search :
"prime95" as an example. This was the trigger for the curiosity.

It is possible to assign each instance of prime95 to either Core 0
Core 1 of the Dual Core Intel 930 Proc. I have tried assigning even
instances to each Core.

Now to yr question : why would anyone want to fiddle with the
Allocation ? I give this answer for the benefit of other readers,
specially on the request of Dan Pierce.

Ans : I can't go into full length of my experiments-research here ;
suffice it to say that at least in the 930 piece that I have, I
found after lots of tests, that Core 0 is given a slightly higher
loading preference, roughly 60 %, and Core 1 about 40 % of the
[Don't know if this is by Intel's Design intention, or just a
property - of my 930 piece - if so, is it a defect of the piece
the loading is NOT exactly 50 % ? - Not sure ?]

So, when I regularly run 2 instances of prime95, I have purposely
allocated both prime95 instances to run on Core 1 ; my other User
Pgms like any Browsing, Word, Excel, PPTs, watching Football on
Videos, other Recursive calculations etc will then automatically
on Core 0 - the 930's Scheduler will ensure this, since with 2
instances of prime95, Core 1 is already running at 100 % of it's
(Performance) loading. You can see all this in the Task Manager.