Re: ML Compiler: "cannot open input file mclmcrrt.lib

I'm on a PC with winXP and I'm using Microsoft Visual C/C++ version 7.1
(Visual Studio .NET 2003)

Francesca Perino wrote:
Hello Matteo
what are your operating system and the C/C++ compiler that you're using?


<matteo.dt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm using the last ML version (7.2, 2006a release) with the last
Compiler release (4.4).

When I build with mcc or mbuild my ML derived exe files, the
compilation fails with the following error message:
- Cannot open input file mclmcrrt.lib
The strange thing is that if I restart ML the compilation goes ok. But
after a little work with ML if I try to compile it gives off hat error.

On the Mathworks suopport site I haven't found anything, any help?

Thank you,