Re: How can Matlab exchange information on 2 computers?

Nathaniel Zoso wrote:
I need to run Matlab on 2 computers: while one is running, the other
waits; when the first one has finished, it "sends" a signal to the
second one, which starts working. When the second has finished, it
sends a signal to the first one, and it starts over.

I thought about having a common file, one reads 0 and awaits 1 to
run, when it's finished it puts a 0 and the other runs... How can I
implement it?

I wrote an application to do exactly that using JAVA RMI as the back
end. You can download it here

You can do stuff like after setting up a few machines and registering
them with a simple naming service.

% Create connections to remote servers
c(1) = xtargets_m2m_client('machine1',1099, true);
c(2) = xtargets_m2m_client('machine2',1099, true);
c(3) = xtargets_m2m_client('machine3',1099, true);

% Spawn the instructions to the remote machines
for i = 1:3
ticket{i} = as_feval(c(i),1,'sum', rand(100));

% Collect the answers.
for i = 1:3

The tutorial has more details. I can't garuntee it runs on 2006a as I
only tested it on an earlier version and haven't touched it since.

Brad Phelan