Re: slightly OT: Unusual problem with footnotes in Word doc

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Iain Robinson wrote:
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Hi all

[I've asked this question on a couple of Word forums but have had no
replies, so I thought there will definitely be someone her who has
some relevant experience.]

I've received a Word document to use for a job we're doing in
Indesign and the author tells us that we need to fix the footnotes
as after a certain point half way through the file they go missing.
The references in the text are there (superior numbers) but they
don't appear at the foot of the page, or at the end of the text. Up
to that point the superior numbers in the text (and also in the
footnotes themselves) look like they are in a dotted box, which I
guess means they are 'proper' footnotes. The superior numbers in the
text in the second half of the file are not in little boxes but when
I hover over them I get a little rectangular symbol come up and if I
hover on it long enough some text appears, the footnote text. So the
text is not lost but I'm having problems getting to to come back as
footnotes. I can convert all the notes to endnotes, which works, but
when I try to convert them all to footnotes again it goes back to
how it was previously, except the superior numbers are no longer

This document has been worked on and saved in WordPerfect previously.
I have read online that the problem is a consequence of that and the
solution is to manually create those footnotes again but this is a
400+ page document so I'm not keen to do that! I found that there
were a lot of "Section Break Continuous" before the problem so I
took them out and that magically makes the footnotes appear again
but when I place the file in Indesign that goes wrong too - it puts
an extra digit on the footnote numbers.

Please help! I'm using Word 2002 SP3 but I don't know what version
the author used to edit the file before me.



Just to let you know that your message is read by some...

Unfortunately, in my experience, your best bet is to rebuild the footnotes
in the layout package, as Word is notorious for its mishandling of such
things, and the longer the document, the worse it gets. That said, InDesign
is not going to be a picnic for this length of document, either. Just get
used to smacking yourself from time to time. ;-)

Best regards,

Neil Gould
Terra Tu Technical Publishing