ntpd CPU utilisation issue on FreeBSD 8.3


I've been trying without success to update four FreeBSD 8.2 Sure GPS PPS boxes to FreeBSD 8.3 (to keep in life).

So, I have pulled the old discs out of one box, installed new discs, and built this up using the kind words of http:// blog.doylenet.net/?p=145 as a reference. I have built all four of my version 8.2 boxes with this script and all are working fine with the ntp-devel port (4.2.7p255 I think). CPU utilisation is 3-4% on one of the four cores.

Using this exact same script, only FreeBSD 8.3, I am getting 100% CPU utilisation on a core. This is not good. So I have trawled Google and looked all around and I am only finding a vague reference to IPV6 in the kernel causing this bug.

I have been using the same ntp.conf and rc.conf configurations on all servers old and new.

Maybe someone on this list has some suggestions, as I want to be keeping these four time servers out of EOL?

Thanks for the helping hands,