NTP License Check (Was: Re: NTP vs RADclock?)

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Parts of ntp (ntpd) source code reference GPL, LGPS,
 among other things e.g. <http://ntp.org/license>,

I am aware of no part of the ntpd tarballs that is solely licensed
under GPL. libopts is dual-licensed BSD or GPL at user's choice. The
rest of the package is BSD-style, as seen on the pages above. If you
are aware of any GPL-only code we're distributing, please speak up so
that we can correct the mistake.

List of files containing a GPL License:

steve@stasis:/usr/local/src/ntp/ntp-dev-4.2.7p278$ licensecheck \
--recursive . | grep GPL
../ntpd/ntp_parser.c: GPL (v3 or later)
../ntpd/ntp_parser.h: GPL (v3 or later)
../sntp/libopts/autoopts/usage-txt.h: LGPL (v3 or later) GENERATED FILE
../sntp/libopts/autoopts/options.h: LGPL (v3 or later) GENERATED FILE
../sntp/libopts/genshell.c: GPL (v3 or later) GENERATED FILE
../sntp/libopts/parse-duration.h: GPL (v3 or later)
../sntp/libopts/ag-char-map.h: GPL (v3 or later)
../sntp/libopts/parse-duration.c: GPL (v3 or later)
../sntp/libopts/genshell.h: GPL (v3 or later) GENERATED FILE
../sntp/libopts/compat/compat.h: GPL (v3 or later)
../sntp/libopts/compat/windows-config.h: GPL (v3 or later)
../sntp/libevent/build-aux/ltmain.sh: GPL (v2 or later)

License Type Inventory:

steve@stasis:/usr/local/src/ntp/ntp-dev-4.2.7p278$ licensecheck \
--recursive . | cut -d ':' -f 2 | sort -u
BSD (2 clause)
BSD (2 clause) ISC
BSD (3 clause)
BSD (4 clause)
BSD (4 clause) ISC
GPL (v2 or later)
GPL (v3 or later)
GPL (v3 or later) GENERATED FILE
*No copyright* GENERATED FILE
*No copyright* Public domain
*No copyright* UNKNOWN
Public domain

Steve Kostecke <kostecke@xxxxxxx>
NTP Public Services Project - http://support.ntp.org/

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