Re: monitoring software application

gotnoname <gotnoname@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have read that SNMP can be used not only to monitor hardware but
> software applications as well.


> Our company's software has an application written in Java. It's
> installed on the client's server.
> More of our clients are requesting that they want to monitor our
> software over their network.

You may want to ask your clients (a) what they want to monitor (can it
be expressed with simple variables/counters/...) and (b) which
monitoring software they like to use to monitor your application.

> These are my questions:
> -SNMP is the way to go?

See above - it is crucial to understand what should be monitored, how
frequently and which monitoring package your clients like to use.

> -How do I make our software SNMP-enabled?

You have to add instrumentation that can be accessed via SNMP if you
choose SNMP. For Java, there are special package such as JMX that may
be useful. Otherwise, you can just pick one of the SNMP implementations
written in Java to get going.

> -What modifications, if any, do I have to do to our software?

Depends somewhat on the solution. You usually have to provide
instrumentation which is basically a bunch of counters etc. that are
incremented at the right time while your application is running.

> -Would I have to create a MIB for my software which I assume is
> different from creating an Agent for my software?

An SNMP MIB module defines the interface between a manager and an agent
and as such you really want to write a MIB module (even if your SNMP
tool does not directly take advantage of the MIB module).

> -If I do have to create a MIB, do I have to register our company with

You have to register your MIB module somewhere. IANA provides an easy
and cheap way to allocate space in the global OID tree. However, if you
have control over some other part of the global OID tree, then you do
not have to register with IANA and you can use the space you already


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