Kermit newsgroup, etc

Columbia University is retiring its newsfeeds effective Monday,
17 July 2006. This means:

. The newsgroup archives on our FTP site will stop there,
in case anybody cares.

. I'll be using Google Groups from now on to both read and post,
as I suppose most of you already do. Therefore I might not
notice some queries as "instantaneously" as before. And we
will all have to put up with the fractured formatting that
results from Google trying to squeeze content designed for 76
columns (as in this carefully-formatted posting) in the narrow
space between all its ads and navigation tools(*). The Kermit
newsgroup is here:

and up til now Google has been good about archiving; let's
hope they don't pull the plug on netnews as well.

(*) It looks a little better if you maximize your browser window.

Meanwhile, in case anybody tried the "photoalbum" script announced
recently with C-Kermit 8.0.212 Dev.20 and found it wanting in
certain areas, I've made some improvements. E.g. Now it can have
three levels of images: thumbnail, browser-sized, and full-size.
Each page behind the thumbnails shows the image pre-reduced to
fit in the average browser window, so the browser doesn't have to
download the full-size image (painful on slow connections) and
then scale it. If you click on this one, THEN you get the big one.

Quiz: what are all those things in the pictures?

The script actually pretty useful, at least it save *me* a lot of
time. All the resizing, including production of thumbnails, by
the way, depends on ImageMagick 'convert':

which is available for both Unix and Windows (I haven't tried it
myself on Windows, so the script might need some adjustment; if
anybody does this, let me know).

Coming soon... CGI Programming in Kermit!

- Frank

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