Re: kadmin incremental propagation full resync multiple processes spawned

On 11/4/2011 1:40 PM, Tom Yu wrote:

I think it should be possible to do something using alarm() to provide
timeouts for lock acquisition, but that wouldn't work well inside a

As I understand it, the issue is that there is no "get a lock, wait in line if it's not available" call. If such a call did exist, it would need a timeout value to limit how long it would wait. But the current call simply returns immediately, either with the lock, or without it. If you didn't get it, your only choice is to try and get it again. However, if it does become free, there's nothing keeping someone else from jumping in and grabbing it before you have the chance to try again. The current approach tries five times with a 1 second delay in between tries to get the lock, then gives up. If somebody else (in this case kadmind) is also busily grabbing the lock, and sitting on it, the odds of you getting in to get it aren't necessarily that good.

Barring a better lock API, the only other little choice is to try more times and perhaps wait less in between tries. I suppose you could spin on it, continuously trying to get the lock for a certain interval, but that would be a bit inefficient.

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