Re: Cross platform threads with mingw pthreads-win32 & linux pthreads

On Dec 6, 1:17 pm, Khookie <chris.k...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone

In some near future, I'm going to have to write threaded code that can
build across multiple platforms, so I was wondering what were people's
experiences with mingw pthreads-win32?

Is it fairly reliable, or should I just use the Microsoft thread
libraries and a bunch of #ifdefs?



PS. As far as I know, pthreads-win32 is a wrapper for the MS
libraries, so there are probably some CPU cycles lost there - I'm not
looking for blistering performance on the Windows platform. However,
I'm after performance on the Linux platform, so I'm more predisposed
to pthreads at the moment.

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