Re: Epson R200 Problems ?

If your printers are working well for you (whether you use OEM or 3rd party inks) you probably have a good printing schedule and perhaps a humid environment for them. Also, the r200 uses dye colorant inks and these clog less commonly than the Durabrite pigment inks.

In your case, you probably don't require cleaning flushes for your printers, as the cleaning process using some of the ink seems to working well.

I usually suggest a mixture of ammoniated window cleaner and some isopropyl alcohol mixed together as a good cleaning agent for these printers. You probably don't need to make up cleaning cartridges, but an occasional underhead cleaning might improve the color output, especially if you see any banding.

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NotMe wrote:
"Arthur Entlich" <e-printerhelp@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:v775k.31772$gc5.28789@xxxxxxxxxxxx

| Epson printers are designed to not print if any of the cartridges are
| showing as empty. The reason is to protect the heads from drying out
| and clogging with dried ink.
| Your only way around it, is to get a chip resetter, and reset the chips
| on the empty cartridges. You can then consider refilling the cartridges
| with ink or just refill them with a cleaning fluid and use the black ink
| only.
| Art

Morning Art,

A bit tangentially related.

We use R200s in all our studios and had ZERO problems using after market ink.

I'd like to set up a protocol to clean the heads,

First what cleaning solution should I use?

Second should I leave well enough alone?


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