Re: review: 4 color printer = "hot", 6 color printer = "not"

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I haven't posted for a while. I assume that all the main characters
are still here. Measekite, Frank, Burt, Dan G, a teacher, a retired
HP employee, TJ, Talyisian and etc.

Well about a year ago I posted that I tested an i960 canon printer (6
color printer) with hobbicolor ink. I was disappointed with the
results. The photos it printed was not acceptable.

However, a few months later, the same ink was tested on a 4 color
canon printer. Wow! It printed incredible. I'd say it was OEM
quality. That was without any software modification. Actually it was
tested by hooking up the camera directly to the printer. (No computer
was used.) If anybody has a 4 color Canon printer you have to try ink.

My point is that after market ink is awesome if you can find the right
ink company for the right printer. As in this example, hobbicolor is
awesome for the Canon 4 colors, but terrible for the Canon 6 color. I
still haven't found a company that has OEM quality ink for a 6 color
Canon printer.

Totally invalid. I spoke with that company. They were nice. They did tell me they cannot disclose what they were selling. That they can change their source of ink at any time. Basically you have no assurance about what you are getting so even if you get something you like there is no guarantee of any consistency.

Canon ink works in 4 color, 6 color, 8 and 10 and is consistent.

Any recommendation for a 6 color Canon printer (without color software
to correct the color.)? I know that many people recommended that
color correction software program is necessary, however 99% of the
general population doesn't even know that a color correction program
exist. works perfect with the 4 color Canon printer
without software correction program.

I doubt that.

So there has to be some company
out there that make 6 color aftermarket ink that works perfect with
Canon 6 color ink.

PS. Measekite, if I remember correctly, you own a 4 color i4000 Canon
printer. You really need to try the ink.

I do not want to increase the risk of a head clog nor do I want to increase the risk of fading. I like to know what I am buying. you're talking to yourself...again...hahahaha...LOL!
You're sick! One pathetic nut job!