Re: Need Help - Brother HL-2170W - not printing

On Feb 20, 6:54 am, "Scott B" <st...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recently purchased a Brother HL-2170W wireless printer.
It took a while to configure, but I was able to establish connection.
I have two computers (desktop, laptop) both using a wireless connection
via a Linksys WRT54G router (WEP secured, DSL connection).

I can print from the desktop to the wireless printer.
However, I can't print from the laptop to the wireless printer.
The printer has been added to both printers (standard TCP/IP port).

First, I installed the printer to the desktop.
Then, when I installed the printer to the laptop,
it initially detected it and printed the 'network configuration,'
but when I try to print anything from any other program,
the document just sits in the printer queue.

Is there something I may have missed?
I am really confounded.
I searched on the Brother website (
but I couldn't find anything relating to my situation.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled the driver.
I can print the settings, test page, font list via the
Web (192.168.100/admin/panel.html) and BRAdmin Light application.
But any other application will not print.
Please advise!

First thing is to always check the firewall settings and Internet worm
virus portection within the anti-virus software that you are using.

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