Toner Save mode for Samsung CLP-300?

Our ML-1740 has been having fuser problems, so rather than eat
downtime to fix such a cheap printer we went out to get a new one. (We
may well fix the old one at our leisure to keep as a spare.) We found
a Samsung CLP-300 color laser at Office Depot for about $150 with a
rebate, researched the toner cost & page count and found it on par
with the 1740 for b/w, and bought one.

Now we find that the black print is significantly darker than the
1740's, and can't find a toner saving mode in the driver settings.
We'd like to extend the life of the black toner as much as we can. Is
there something we're overlooking? I downloaded the latest drivers
from the Samsung web site before I even opened the box, and never
opened the CD envelope.

Thanks for any insight into the matter.