Re: New Kodak Printer questions

Arthur Entlich wrote:

The main problem I saw was the color rendition. The images had a bit too garish a look for my liking. The subject of the demo images were all oversaturated making it hard to know if it was the source material or the drivers and profiles or the inks. The parrot image for instance, looked way oversaturated.

The thought that leaped into my mind was, "Oh, that's just that classic 'Kodachrome Look.'"

It's a Kodak tradition -- that somewhat over-saturated color density that Kodachrome has been famous for -- which makes it wonderful for use on overcast days.

And my immediate question, then, is whether the color saturation can be turned down in the driver. And also, can it be muted in photocopy controls. If these adjustments can be made easily, and if they'll be retained nicely, the printer will be civilized.

What do you think, Arthur?