Re: New Kodak Printer questions

I to agree with Mr.Entlich.
The pictures were not true to life for my liking.
The copy portion is a little off on accuracy too and loads the paper with
The prices claimed are with their cheapest photo paper and will compare to
Epson or Canon with the Kodak Ultimate as price per photo.
Just my 1 and 1/2 cents

"Arthur Entlich" <e-printerhelp@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have looked at this and its bigger brother. Kodak has several options
offered in terms of consumables. They sell each cartridge separately, they
sell them as a set black and color (it uses two ganged cartridges), and
they sell the cartridges with 4x6 photo paper, if you are making smaller
prints, that's the best deal, I believe.

The inks are pigment and supposed to be long lasting. The build of the
3in1 printer looked pretty nice. The demo model I looked at showed
banding in the prints, but that might just be an abused or not properly
maintained unit. I have seen other output which was not banding.

The main problem I saw was the color rendition. The images had a bit too
garish a look for my liking. The subject of the demo images were all
oversaturated making it hard to know if it was the source material or the
drivers and profiles or the inks. The parrot image for instance, looked
way oversaturated.

I would suggest either seeing if you can find a store which will allow you
to demo an image you know well, or if not ask for print samples from Kodak
and try to decide from them if the color works for you.


theChas. wrote:

The $37 price of HP cartridges has me ticked.
I saw on TV where Kodak had a sell session, where they claimed one of
printers had about the cheapest ink cartridges.
Does anyone here have knowledge, or tales, about the
Kodak EasyShare 5300, '3 in 1' printer?
Hate to go from the frying pan into the fire.