Re: how do I clean typewriter keys?

On Dec 12 2007, 12:40 pm, "aaro...@xxxxxxxxxxx" <aaro...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I know this is computer printer forum, but I cannot find a group for
typewriters, so am posting here.

My Olivetti typewriter's keys are filled with junk in the "e's",
"o's", "p's", etc.

what is the best method for cleaning the keys & removing this junk?


Note to all of the good people who responded to my post!
PROBLEM SOLVED. Some mentioned using a product called Blue Tack.
Could not find on store shelves, but did find similar product at
store a product made by Scotch 3 M called ADHESIVE PUTTY.
It cost all of $1.99 and worked perfectly in cleaning the "o"'s and
and "p"s in typewriter keys. Thank's for the suggestion.

best, Aaron